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Baby Nido (3-12 months)

Our educators know the importance of creating a trust filled relationship with our infants. As our educators soothe and nurture children they support them in building a sense of confidence by responding quickly and appropriately to their natural cues. Our educators comfort your baby while holding, talking, singing in a quiet reassuring voice, and by making eye contact with them. We encourage our educators to think of and research opportunities they can offer very young children, which will provoke their thinking. Because babies learn with all their senses, our educators expose them to multiple sensorial experiences with materials such as paint, clay, sand, light and shadows, and much more.

Children begin to point, raise hands, and make different movements and sounds to communicate as the educator asks questions connecting to the movement or to the sound. Babies love to be spoken to. Your child will begin to imitate sounds they hear and experiment with different facial expressions like smiling and frowning. Our educators prepare various large motor experiences inside the classroom, around the common areas of the school, and outside in the playgrounds and garden for your child to challenge themself physically and develop gross motor skills. It is a time when children reach many milestones such as, turning over, sitting, crawling, standing, and maybe even take their first steps.

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