More Than a Daycare

KLA Schools of Lake Worth offers the leading daycare program in Palm Beach County. Our innovative approach to education is based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Our programs are utilize hands-on experiences that are guided by children’s ideas and interests. We offer unique, welcoming, and enriching spaces and top-of-the-line amenities. Modern, purposeful furnishings are prepared specifically for each age group.

Reggio Emilia Educators

KLA Schools’ educators believe in the children’s proficiencies and develop them alongside the children, supporting their different ways of learning. Educators also continually research children’s learning and thinking processes. In comparison to other daycares and preschools, KLA offers a unique low student to teacher ratio, enabling us to provide individualized attention. We cater to the children’s right to quality Early Childhood Education.


Community and Family

We place a high value on community and, as such, our doors are open to family involvement. Our preschool programs are in constant collaboration with parents and the families of the school. Our schools offer a family atmosphere unlike a typical daycare, where the children are known by all the faculty members of the school. This builds relationships and awareness of others as a member of a family and community - important values we instill in our children.

We encourage family members to be active in our programs.  We love when families share experiences and stories. We welcome families to partake in the projects and learning interests emerging in the classrooms, in addition to special events throughout the year.  Our childcares promote open communication with parents through different media, including a KLA app for smartphones and a family corner in each classroom to keep our families updated.


Reggio Emilia Daycare Programs

Our programs provide a wide exposure to materials. Utilizing a holistic approach to learning, we encourage the exploration of subjects and ideas through painting, wire, clay, natural materials, recyclable materials, and lights and shadows. KLA Schools centers are equipped with a plethora of stimulating age-appropriate, open-ended materials ready for endless strategies, techniques, and styles of learning.

Our Programs:

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KLA Schools daycares and preschools proudly rank at the top in Miami with many locations through South Florida and throughout the country. Our innovative approach to learning and quality preschools make KLA Schools a top choice for parents and families across all communities and cultures.

At KLA Schools, we’re more than a daycare - we’re a place your family feels at home.

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